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Acces to citizenship and its impact on immigrant integration - EN

Année : 2013

Thématique abordée :


The handbook on the access to citizenship and its impact on immigrants integration was written by the Migration Policy Group, the European University Institute of Florence, in partnership with France terre d'asile. It proposes indicators, as well as comparisons at the European level and recommendations on the naturalization policy reform. It is a useful tool containing data that can add up to the debate on access to nationality.

Indeed, this study highlights that right after Luxembourg and Switzerland, France is the European country in which foreigners wait the longest until they become French and naturalization criteria are amongst the strictest in Western Europe, especially regarding language skills, knowledge of principles and values of the French Republic or income requirements. Moreover, the naturalization process lacks transparency, making it vulnerable to the worst political manipulations. Otherwise, how to explain the dramatic drop (-45%) in the number of naturalized persons between 2010 and 2012? France terre d'asile hopes that this tool will contribute to an informed and pragmatic debate on this critical national issue.

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